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Do you have a desire to help others? Do you have the compassion to care for someone who is sick or injured? Do you like being part of a team? If you answered yes then come join us and help us, help our community. Our organization offers free training to become an Emergency Medical Technician and many other skills that are needed to help when no one else can.  If you would like to become a part of our team and learn life saving skills then please come join us. We would be glad to help you get involved. to contact us please click here

freedom is never freeMIlford-Holland Rescue Squad is operated by a group of citizens that generously volunteer thier time and effort to serve the community in which they live. The volunteer members devote many hours of thier time training and practicing thier skills as Emergency Medical Technicians. As EMTs we keep our skills up to date with the standards set by the New Jersey Deptment of Health. Whenever a call for help comes, we are there to answer it. We provide medical transport, prehospital care and will assist paramedics in administering Advanced Life Support. Our volunteers are neat, courteous, caring and always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need of medical assistence. Our volunteers are also trained in all the latest search and rescue techniques, whether its rope rescue, water rescue, motor vehicle extrication or any other situation where lives are in danger we have the training and the equipment to answer the call for help.

Volunteers meet 7:30 PM the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Wednesdays of each month at the squad building located at 151 WaterStreet Milford New Jersey, 08848.

 On the 1st and 3rd Wednesday nights we hold drills to practice our skills and train with our equipment. Some of those nights we hold classes to keep up to date with changing emergency medical techniques. We also use those nights to check, fix and maintain our equipment to the highest of standards. Our drill nights are always an interesting and fun way to learn and critique our skills and to find better ways to apply our skills in the field.

The 2nd Wednesday evening of the month we hold our business meeting. Volunteer members sit down and discuss what needs to be done to keep the organization running safely, efficiently and economically viable. We also discuss ways to better serve the community and upcoming events we will be taking part in. Parades, community day events, football standbys are all events we lend our time and efforts to. We also discuss any drills within our agency or drills that will involve other agencies including fire, police and other ems organizations, always looking for ways to improve our abilities to communicate and work with other agencies.